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Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic Gate Installation

The “sizzle” of any security gate system is certainly the design of the gate itself. Installing the fence and landscaping ties everything into an appealing expression of your property. Although the gate design is important and certainly makes a statement, not properly automating your gate can lead to long term quality and performance issues. Whether it’s a swing gate, slide gate or overhead gate is only one piece of the puzzle. Next is an evaluation of the materials, the overall topography of the property and any unique aspects that offer limited automation options for your electric gate.

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Automatic Driveway Gate Operator.

Post mount gate operator for lighter weight and/or wrought iron gates with no wind load; comes with backup battery to keep gate functioning during power outages

Electric Gate Automation

There are three types of gates and an assortment of automating options that work best with each gate type. These include:

  • A Swing Arm Operator – This is a box that sits off to the side and has an arm extending to the gate. A hydraulic piston or jackscrew with piston allow for opening and closing the gate.
  • Slide Gate Operator – A single slide gate can slide on wheels to the left or to the right. A dual slide gate is usually long and consists of two gates that meet in the middle: One side slides to the left and the other to the right. The most common form of automation with slide gates is a chain attached across the gate near the bottom and passing through the operator. Slide gates are generally large and heavy, requiring a professional company like Westcoast Gate to make sure the right automation components are used and appropriate safety devices installed.
  • Overhead Gate Operator – Overhead gate operators are generally used in underground parking garages and condominiums. They lift the gate overhead much like a garage door opener. To accommodate the increased weight of this type gate it is very important to engage a professional gate automation company to specify the operator and track hardware.

The final stage of automating your new security gate is identifying the appropriate security devices, selecting the right transmitter for remote control devices to activate the motor, range extenders for long driveways, back-up batteries to make sure you can access the system in case of a power outage and other control devices that allow for entering your property.

Gate Telephone Entry System

Multi-tenant telephone entry system via programmed code for gated communities and apartment complexes.

Gate Warranty

Professional Gate Automation Specialists

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Success Stories

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Check out some of our gate operators installed on driveway gates and entry systems around Los Angeles. View our photo gallery for more images on different automatic and pedestrian gates.

Driveway Gate Operators

Automatic Bifold Gate Operator

Low profile bifold driveway gate operator

Light Weight Electric Gate Operator

Contemporary wood and steel folding gate with light weight operator

Electric Gate Light Weight Operator

Contemporary wood and steel folding gate with light weight operator

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Gate Operator Los Angeles

Heavy duty sliding gate operator

“Pad mount Automatic Swing Gate Operator”

Pad mount swing gate operator for heavy gates to withstand wind loads better and with more security

Security Gate Entry Digital Keypad

Digital keypad gate entry

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