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Sliding Gates

When space is an issue, choosing a sliding gate can be a good choice. Sliding gates run parallel to your property, allowing for less than a 12 “ depth in most cases. In designing your sliding gate, you’ll be faced with selecting a style and choosing materials that match the architecture and style of your property. Styles to consider would include:

  • A single-slide: A single door or multiple cascading doors moving in one direction.
  • Bi-parting: Two doors meeting in the middle
  • Bi-Passing: Two doors passing by each other in the same opening

Once you have selected your style and materials you’ll need to match the weight of the gate and its daily use with the appropriate gate operator. Gate operators range from light to heavy duty. Choosing the right operator will extend the life of your equipment and provide you with an efficient, smooth running automatic gate.

Westcoast Gate has been installing and repairing automatic gates since 1998. We will work with you in designing the right product for your property. We will also pair the automatic gate with your choice of access control including keypads, card access, wireless or Bluetooth transmitters. Westcoast Gate is your best choice in secure automatic entry systems.

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